Gaia Yachting is a well-established yacht brokerage company specialising in searching out, selecting and selling luxurious new and used vessels, and assisting its clientele in the design and build phases of a new yacht, as well as management, maintenance and chartering.
As such, the company, currently led by CEO Francesco Pia, who has 30 years of experience in yacht brokerage, now boasts a dynamic, reliable team made up of numerous highly qualified professionals. Each member of the team is an expert in his or her own individual sector and handles a specific geographical area, ensuring an efficient service in every technical field to guarantee effective support worldwide.
Gaia Yachting’s long-established presence in Viareggio, the historic enclave par excellence of Italian luxury yachting, means that the company has many sound long-term partnerships with some of the most exclusive builders of the most prestigious yachts. As a result of this longstanding, highly active network of profitable partnerships, the company has been able to acquire technical capabilities that allow it to offer all the Italian high quality that is so popular with the most demanding owners.
The company meets their requirements with complete professionalism, from the drafting of initial core principles, the approval of contract specifications and the production of the initial design through to the development of custom solutions, the construction phase and the final fitting out phase. On the strength of this solid skills background, Gaia Yachting has recently made the decision to launch its own product line on the international market: the “Seastar” series.

In recent years, developments in yachting have seen growing interest in boats with generous space alongside better and better navigation performance. By performance, however, we mean the ability to navigate at higher speeds than a pure displacement vessel without relying on the consumption and energy needs of a planing vessel. To achieve results like this, over time naval engineering firms have proposed solutions that combine these requirements in increasingly favourable ways, but it was an Italian firm that achieved some of the most brilliant results. We’re talking about Arrabito Naval Architects, the creators of a variety of projects built by Italian shipyards, whose great strength lies in their large volumes combined with cutting-edge waterlines.

The scientific approach adopted by the professionals at the Italian firm has produced keels capable of optimising hydrodynamic performance, overcoming some of the barriers that used to seem intractable. It’s no miracle, of course, but the result of research and experimentation using modern CFD calculation systems followed by tank tests over the years until the vessels produced with this technology were tested and confirmed the work done in the development phase. The fruit of all this development and the results achieved to date from Arrabito Naval Architects’ research is the new Navetta 100’ by Seastar, a 30 m yacht designed to offer the greatest possible volume with performance in line with the design plans.